Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

At Progressive Financial Planners we (more info for introduction)

Variety – The Children’s Charity

Each year members of our team take part in the Variety Spin 4 Kids and Variety Bash events to raise funds for sick and underprivileged children throughout the state of NSW. We are grateful that our client base often joins us in generously contributing to this cause each year. You can catch a glimpse into our involvement with Variety by watching the video to the left.

Cancer Council

Through our valued and longstanding partnership with the Cancer Council NSW we provide pro bono financial advice to individuals and families in financial crisis due to a diagnosis of cancer. This partnership is close to the hearts of our entire team.


We are proud to be partnering with Greenfleet to take climate action and offset our carbon emissions through native reforestation.

Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation protecting our climate by restoring our forests. Greenfleet plants native biodiverse forests to capture carbon emissions and help fight the impacts of climate change. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 10 million trees across 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand. As they grow, these forests absorb carbon, improve soil and water quality, and restore habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species. Through practical climate action, Greenfleet is growing hope for our climate.

Learn more at: www. greenfleet.com.au

Christmas Central Drive Thru

We have partnered with the team from the Christmas Central Drive Thru to provide a free, joy-filled experience for people in our local community of Warners Bay for three years and counting. You will even find some our staff dressed up as a variety of Christmas themed characters including elves, Santa Claus, and even Elsa from Frozen!